Mylanguage is a language company specialized in language courses and translations. Created in 2009 to respond to specific language and cultural needs of the international work environment in Luxembourg, it has developed a language learning program that combines academic knowledge and practical skills in order to offer high education in a real-world setting.

As such it is a great place for learners to embrace their passion for languages as the school currently offers services in more than 10 languages and the possibility of practicing the acquired knowledge during the school’s socio-cultural events.

Perhaps one of the most particular things about our language learning programs is our willingness to embrace modern and innovating ways of teaching languages, as evidenced by the “Languages of Luxembourg” project where students have access to a simultaneous language approach both on- and offline.

At Mylanguage we believe that each person deserves our full attention. Programs are tailored to clients’ needs, therefore teaching methods, style and pace are adapted to each individual student without compromising the training goals.