The International Community of Luxembourg (INTCOMLUX) is an asbl created over 5 years ago by AMCHAM Luxembourg to support the social and integration needs of Luxembourg resident international people and build bridges between local inhabitants and foreign residents.

INTCOMLUX is the initiator of the Languages of Luxembourg project, the Newcomers Orientation Course and the newly launched International Community Center.

On their website ( INTCOMLUX mentiones that :

This website exists to help solve these problems of access and information! We will try our best to help you to be connected with what you need to know… legal information on how things work, who to see for what and what to bring when you go to see someone about something.

This site is also about expats talking and sharing with other expats. We plan to help build bridges between the various expat communities and their institutions and the local Luxembourg populations, to help connect people, ideas… to share emotions and ideas…to share culture.